Protecting Your Stainless Steel Equipment From Damaging Substances And Know How To Properly Clean It

Restaurants and other food service facilities are no strangers to stainless steel equipment and utensils. Stainless steel has a well-deserved reputation for being durable, attractive and safe for use with food. However, stainless steel is not a completely carefree metal; in fact, it requires careful attention to keep it well-maintained in the harsh environments found in commercial kitchens. Below is how you can preserve stainless steel items by understanding how to protect them from certain substances as well as information on how to properly clean them: [Read More]

Barbecue Catering Tips - How To Prevent Sauce Messes

If you want to own an extremely successful business, then maybe you should think about a catering establishment.  Catering businesses are hired for all types of events, like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and graduation parties.  Your catering business should stand out from the competition though, and offering barbeque is one way to do this.  Barbeque is typically one of the five most popular types of American food, especially in the southern states.  You do not want your guests to become messy when they eat your catering fare though. [Read More]